Book cover, You Might Want to Know All About the Nuclear Weapon by John Warnock


You Might Want to Know — About the Nuclear Weapon

In weekly postings on Substack (, Warnock is publishing what will become the You Might Want to Know — About the Nuclear Weapon book.

The brief postings address specific questions Warnock and others he has talked to over the years have had about nuclear energy, nuclear weapons, nuclear war, nuclear strategy, arms race history, and much more.

In an engaging and accessible way, the postings aim to make readers confident in their understanding of the facts, the history, the issues in an area we may have learned to think we should leave to the experts. Warnock begs to differ.

See his Questions Addressed So Far and Forthcoming Items.

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Check out an hour-long Zoom session Warnock recorded with college classmates (Amherst ’63) to introduce them to his work on the Cold War nuclear arms race and the You Might Want to Know project on Substack.