Book cover, Representing Reality: Readings in Literary Nonfiction

Book cover is from the original version of the book, now out of print


Tentative publication date: Spring 2021

Representing Reality: Explorations in Literary Nonfiction

This book introduces readers to the highly popular (and under-analyzed) genre of literary nonfiction. It looks at eight different sub-genres:

  • Travel Writing
  • History
  • Biography
  • Autobiography
  • Writing about Nature
  • Writing about Culture
  • Literary Journalism
  • Literary Documentary

For each of these sub-genres, the book sets out the history of the sub-genre, its typical subject, its typical structure, the position of the writer in relation to the subject, and the story of the story, which addresses the process of this kind of writing.

At the end of each introduction, ideas are offered for readers who may want to try their hand the kind of writing being looked at.

An earlier version of this book, now out of print, appeared as Representing Reality: Readings in Literary Nonfiction.

Where to buy

The original version of this book, Representing Reality: Readings in Literary Nonfiction, is out of print, but copies are occasionally available from sellers of used books. John Warnock’s other book on writing, Effective Writing: A Handbook with Stories for Lawyers, is available from these booksellers.